Registration for IASS2016

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If you join the IASS2016, you need to be registered through the online registration site before the symposium.

Before go to the online registration site, please read carefully the following information and the table of registration types. There are four types of registrations. If you intend to present a paper, you need a full registration, one of the first two types of registrations listed below.

When the registration is completed you will receive a registration ID. Please keep this ID to prove your registration through the symposium. (Note that this number is independet from paper ID. You need both ID's for the full paper submission.)

During the symposium, You need to go to the registration desk at Ito Hall at first on your first arrival to the venue. You will be checked and receive a conference kit at the desk.

You can cancel the registration free of charge, except for commission by the credit card company, before Aug.31.
However after Sept.1 the cancellation charge is of 100 percent. Please be aware that the registration fee is not refundable after Sept.1.

Registration Types

Registration Type
IASS Member
(Full registration)
Access to the all sessions.
One full paper presentation.
A set of conference kit, reception, lunches, coffee breaks, technical tour and conference dinner.
Mark the IASS Member button in the online registration page only if you are a member of IASS. Before July 31

After August 1
Non-IASS Member
(Full registration)
Same as IASS Members (above).
If you become a member of IASS before the registration you can register as an IASS Member and will receive other member benefits from IASS. See
IASS Membership: Categories and Benefits.
IASS Membership:

Individual 80EURO/year
Students 10EURO/year.
Before July 31

After August 1
Accomanying Person Access to the all sessions
A set of conference kit for accompanying persons, reception, lunches, coffee breaks, technical tours and conference dinner, as an accompanying person.
No paper presentation is allowed.
A family member or equivalent partner of a participant with full registration (two types above).
Students can not be accompanying persons of their supervisors.
Before July 31

After August 1
Student A set of conference kit for students.
Access to all sessions except for the reception, conference dinner and accompanying persons’ program.
No paper presentation is allowed.
Neither paper presentation nor registration of accompanying person are allowed for student registration. Before July 31

After August 1

For those who are in Japan and paying the registration fee by bank transfer, the transfer destination is found here (in Japanese).

Go to the Online Registration Page

Full Paper Submission

Instruction for submission of full paper and additional files

Please read the following instruction before submitting your full paper.

  • 1. You should complete full registration for participating the conference and obtain your Registration ID, which you need when submitting the full paper. The Registration ID is different from the Paper ID. You can cancel your registration, if necessary, free of charge by August 31.
  • 2. Please download the full paper template and use it for formatting the full paper. The file itself describes the details of the format.
  • 3. You should prepare 150 words text abstract, corresponding author's portrait photo and an image that describes the contents of your paper, before entering into the submission site, for the abstract book:
    Please be reminded;
    • 1) Abstract text have to be less than 150 words. If uploaded abstract exceeds 150 word, it will be automatically cut by the sentence less than 150 word.
    • 2) The uploaded images, portrait and image of the paper, will appear smaller than 30mm x 30mm size, respectively, in the abstract book. Please upload them as simple and visible images.
  • 4. Please download the Copyright Declaration Form and read it carefully. You have to click the accept button of copyright, in the online submission page, before finalizing your submission. You will be asked to sign and send the copyright declaration form to the Scientific Committee of IASS2016 before participating the conference.
  • 5. You can modify the files any time before the deadline, which is June 14. Note that the deadline for Hangai Prize application is April 30.