Result of "The Design Competition for Young Generation"

We are very glad to inform you that the following individuals and teams are selected as winners of IASS 2016 Design Competition!!
More than two hundred individuals have made entries to the competition and more than fifty teams submitted their final proposals to the committee by the limit date. The competition was very tough. For the first step, each member of the jury has carefully reviewed and marked the all proposals. According to the result of this first screening the jury has extracted several selected proposals. Then the members of the jury has got together and went through further intensive discussion and finally selected the following five winning proposals.
The conferral will be taken place in the morning session on 27th(Tue), September, during IASS2016 at Tokyo!!

- Winners I -
Mr. Lukas Ingold (ETH Zurich, Chair of Structural Design)
Mr. Pierluigi D‘Acunto (ETH Zurich, Chair of Structural Design)
Mr. Patrick Ole Ohlbrock (ETH Zurich, Chair of Structural Design)

- Winners II -
Mr. Yohei Yokosuka (Kagoshima University)

- Winners III -
Takenaka Corp. Osaka Head Office, Designing dept. TAMA-SUDARE team

- Winners IV -
Mr. Mauricio Loyola Vergara (Princeton University)
Mr. Alexander Antoni Niewiarowski (Princeton University)

- Winners V -
Mr. Motoi Masubuchi (freelance)
Mr. Ryo Fukumoto (YAMAHIRO, plus+bauplanung GmbH)
Mr. Andrey Bachevskiy (freelance)

(* order of entries *)

The Design Competition for Young Generation

1. Purpose

The design of New National Stadium Japan is providing a golden opportunity to take thought of spatial structures in the 21st century. However the real competition organized by the Japanese government has never had enough space to involve the proposal from young people, who will be the real financier and user of the stadium for future. Therefore the organizing committee of IASS2016 decided to host an international competition of the new national stadium Japan for young generation. The competition is a design competition which is completely independent from the one organized by Japanese government for the real project. The purpose of it is to encourage and to see the idea from young people. The winning proposals will be awarded during IASS2016. Designers, engineers and students under 40 of age are all welcome to participate in the competition.

2. Organizer

The Organizing Committee of the IASS2016 Tokyo

3. Site

The area around 10-1, Kasumigaoka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN, where the former National Stadium Japan existed.

4. Criteria of the competition

The IASS2016 organizing committee would like to ask the young people to propose the design for the new national stadium Japan, which symbolize the direction of spatial structure in the 21st century. The main points that the committee ask for are as follows:

  1. a. Spatial structure of the 21st century: Please propose innovative or new idea in the structural system, concept or design.
  2. b. Soundness of the structural design: Please indicate clearly how the proposed structure stands against self-weight, wind, snow and seismic loadings. No detailed calculation is necessary.

5. Competition language


6. Participants

The participant must be under the age of forty at the end of the calendar year of 2016. The proposal can be submitted either by a group or by an individual person. But one participant can entry for one proposal, only. For a group, all members must be under forty of above criteria. Participants must register for the competition before the deadline of registration. By submission the participants will be regarded that they agree the policy described in item 12.

7. Submission format

Participants are asked to submit two sheets of one-side-printed posters (A2 regular) presenting the following contents:

  1. Drawings and descriptions that clearly indicate the design concepts and necessary details of the proposal and structures. The registration number for the competition must be indicated on each poster but other names or signs that may help to identify the participant must never be included in the poster.

The same digital data saved in a DVD in two types of formats, PDF and raster (bmp, jpeg, tiff or gif) must be included in the same package with the posters. The material should be written in English. Posters and DVD must be sent to the address shown in the item 13. When participants have difficulty in sending posters they may send the same data through data transferring systems on internet. In such cases the posters may be printed by the committee but the participants cannot check the printed results.

The committee is managing all participants with registration ID given in item 10. Hence, also attach a cover letter which registration ID (if group, "ALL" participant's IDs) is written.

8. Timeline

Registration dead line April 15, 2016 (Extended)
Submission dead line May 15, 2016 (Extended)
The results will be announced Early July, 2016
IASS 2016, Tokyo September 26-30, 2016

9. Jury, selection, award and fees

  1. a. Jury
    1. Hiroshi Ohmori (prof.em. Nagoya University)
    2. Hiroshi Naito (Architect)
    3. Knut Stockhusen (sbp)
    4. Ken’ichi Kawaguchi (Prof. University of Tokyo, Chair of the IASS2016)
    5. William Baker (SOM)
  2. b. Selection
    1. The Jury selects some of the most excellent designs from submitted designs.
  3. c. Award and merits for the winners
    1. Each selected design, stated in item 9-b, will be awarded 100,000JPY regardless of the number of the proposers of the design. The conferal will take place during IASS2016 at Tokyo. The winners, the proposers of the selected design, will be given opportunities to present their designs during the same event. At least one representative for each selected design must attend the conferal and present the design. The registration fee for IASS2016 will be waved and accommodations will be provided. The travel expenses will be partially supported by the organizers.
  4. d. Fees
    1. Participation fee for the competition is free.

10. Registration for the Competition

Those who intend to participate in the competition must send an e-mail to ( with following information:

  1. 1. First and/or Middle name:
  2. 2. Family name:
  3. 3. Gender (Male or Female):
  4. 4. Nationality
  5. 5. Place of residence
  6. 6. Date of birth (must be under 40):
  7. 7. University, company, institute or office:
  8. 8. Position:
  9. 9. Postal code:
  10. 10. Address:
  11. 11. Phone:
  12. 12. FAX (voluntary):
  13. 13. Email:

Please also attach a copy image of his/her ID to prove the year of birth. Even if the proposal will be submitted by a group, "ALL" individuals must register respectively. When he/she is successfully registered, the registration number will be sent back.

11. Deadline

The submission must reach the submission address by April 30, 2016, without fail.

12. Copyrights policy and submitted material

The original proposers keep the copyright of the design. But they must agree that the IASS2016 organizing committee holds the liberty to present the designs on the webpage or to print and distribute them. Whenever the organizing committee present the designs they must clearly show the name of the proposers. The material submitted for the competition will not be send back.

13. Contact and Submission address

The Committee of Design Competition for Young Generation on New National Stadium Japan

c/o Honma Lab.

Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo

4-6-1, Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan

E-mail :

14. Design speck of the stadium required for the competition

See the attached material. (PDF data, DXF data)
More than 68,000 seats for spectators
The all seats must be covered by roofs.

1. The stadium must have an international standard 400m track with 9 lanes and field.

2. The stadium must have a 80mx110m field with natural turf for international soccer football match.

3. The relationship between the growth of natural turf and the sunlight controlled by the roof should be considered.

Other rooms
and facilities

The design for other rooms and facilities are out of the scope of the competition.